McDonald’s Olympic push celebrates the non-Olympians

25 July 2016

Advertiser: McDonald's

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McDonald's is for Aussie legends - whether they are Olympian or not.

As a sponsor of this year’s Rio Olympics, McDonald’s is celebrating the everyday legends who will be watching the Games at home.

The fast food company recognises Aussies will be putting in the hard yards from home, enduring late nights and early mornings cheering on our competitors.

In one spot, a couple is struggling to get out bed after a long night watching the Olympics. Until the promise of a hash brown wakes them from their slumber.

The ads are in promotion of Macca’s All Day Breakfast offering, which launched in Australia in March this year.

In another spot, a woman brings coffee to her family at 5am while they watch an Olympic event. The voiceover says: “Amanda is no Olympic gymnast… Yet here she is performing the perfect 5am McCafe coffee run.”

Optus, Coke and Visa have all released their Olympic ads as official sponsors, you can see them here.

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