McDonald's brings burgers to the masses

26 June 2015

Advertiser: McDonald's
Media Agency: OMD Sydney

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First it created a hipster hamburglar, and now it's rolling out a food truck.

Having given the Hamburglar a hipster facelift, McDonald's is now rolling out a food truck.

OMD FUSE and Multi-Channel Network (MCN) have teamed up to create a food truck (albeit a 40ft shipping container), to bring the chain's Create Your Taste campaign to the people.

Rolling out (literally) at Comic-Con in Melbourne today, the truck will allow people to order their own personalised burgers.

The campaign will be amplified across MCN's TV and digital platforms.

The truck will be rolled out across eight national events leading up to Christmas, with punters also encouraged to post their creation with the #createyourtaste hashtag.

“Ultimately, we are connecting McDonald’s directly with [its] desired audience, and through the strength of MCN’s offering, showcasing their new messaging and positioning,” MCN Multiply Activations group manager Kelly Carey said.

McDonald's national marketing manager Jo Feeney said the campaign played into a broader message trying to break down pre-conceived notions of what McDonalds was.

“MCN and OMD FUSE have worked with us to bring to life our very ‘Un-McDonald’s’ campaign positioning, which is  all about showing audiences a very different offering with Create Your Taste compared to what their pre-conceived ideas of McDonald’s may be,” Feeney said.

“The strength of the activation tour allows us to directly connect with consumers face-to-face to demonstrate the uniqueness of this new offering. The customer can then continue on a journey with the brand through online and across different screens.

It rolled out the Create Your Taste TV campaign with a "how very un-McDonald's" tagline in May.

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