Laverne Cox tells her 'Rainbow Story' for SodaStream and Pride Month

4 June 2021

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The Emmy-nominated actress and prominent trans advocate stars in an animated film for the brand.

Sparkling water brand SodaStream has released its 2021 campaign in support of Pride month.

The brand teams up with Emmy-nominated actress and prominent trans advocate Laverne Cox in a beautifully animated film entitled, “Rainbow Story”.

The film stars Laverne as a superhero and takes us through key moments in her life, beginning with a live action sequence and transitioning into animation as Laverne’s story unfolds.

We see her evolve from childhood and the challenges that brought into the strong accomplished woman she is today, taking part in major milestones for LGBTQI+ rights and celebrating her personal achievements, some of which were a first for the trans community all over the world.

The video leaves viewers with a message from Laverne encouraging people to proudly share their own rainbow story.

"At SodaStream we stand for equality. We are happy to participate in Pride again this year and honored to collaborate with Laverne, a real life super hero who inspires all of us,” SodaStream chief marketing officer Karin Schifter-Maor says.

“We hope our special edition sparkling water maker will encourage our consumers to share their own story with pride.”

In celebration of Pride Month, SodaStream is also releasing Limited Edition 'Rainbow Story' Sparkling Water Maker kits.

The ‘Rainbow Story’ machine features a sleek matte black design and comes with a special pack of six rainbow markers, inviting consumers to personalise their machines by writing or illustrating their personal pride stories.

“I love SodaStream and I love the idea of being a superhero. I also love that part of the proceeds from the sale of this Rainbow Story SodaStream are going to an NGO that services the LGBTQI+ community all over the world," Laverne Cox says.

“I think giving back and being of service is really what it's all about.”

To further the cause, for the third year in a row SodaStream is partnering with ILGA World, a global LGBTQI+ NGO, and 10% of proceeds from the ‘Rainbow Story’ products will be donated to the organisation.

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