Hyundai unveils Tucson SUV campaign

15 March 2019

Advertiser: Hyundai
Creative Agency: Innocean
Media Agency: m2m

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Hyundai has launched its ‘Made For It. Even If You’re Not’ campaign nationally to promote the Tucson SUV.

Hyundai has unveiled its "Made For It. Even If You’re Not" campaign, created by Innocean Australia, to promote the Tucson SUV.

Launched this month, the national campaign runs across broadcast, print, digital, cinema and point of sale. The ad highlights the many strong capabilities of the Tucson while also showing off its more refined qualities, including remote start and the ability to set the car’s interior temperature remotely from an app in the palm of your hands.

Acknowledging that the medium SUV category is one of the most competitive, Innocean’s remit was to demonstrate, authentically and honestly, how the Tucson’s durable driving credentials and tech-savvy luxuries benefit and resonate with an audience that lives in the city.

Hyundai marketing director, Bill Thomas, says many SUV buyers live in the city but love the option to go off-road occasionally.

“Our campaign shows the Tucson being put through its paces and makes you think - if it’s tough enough to handle the country it can certainly look after you in the city.”

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