Hyundai launches first browser-based AR experience via Orchard

19 August 2020

Advertiser: Hyundai
Creative Agency: Orchard

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Orchard has delivered the AR experience across Hyundai’s most popular vehicles.

Hyundai is leading the Australian automotive category with the release of the first browser-based augmented reality (AR) experience via creative technology agency Orchard. 

Deloitte identified in its article Augmented shopping: the quiet revolution, AR has become crucial for brands in delivering one of three retail experiences: try on (for products that can be worn), try out (for products that can be placed in your environment) or interact (for interactive products).

The Hyundai AR innovative experience aims to make Hyundai vehicles more accessible than ever as entering a physical location becomes harder. 

“As one of the world’s most progressive automotive brands, we can’t let environmental factors disrupt us, we need to lead the charge and evolve," Hyundai digital and CRM manager John Duff-Gordon says.

"For us, this means reimagining the shopping experience. Making it more immersive, easier and accessible to everyone. If you’ve got a phone, you can experience a (virtual) Hyundai – the shopping experience has been made even easier and exciting thanks to technology.”

Orchard has delivered the AR experience across Hyundai’s most popular vehicles: Tucson, Kona, Venue, i30 and Santa Fe and customers can now see how each vehicle can fit into their life, configure the colours, place the car into their driveway and most importantly, book a test drive if the car piqued their interest.

“AR has become crucial for brands to deliver experiences that allow customers to interact and experience products," Orchard managing partner Andrew Antoniou says.

"Orchard has always been driven to invent better. Launching Hyundai’s AR experience – a first in Australia – is all about challenging the status quo – reimagining, reinventing and refreshing the automotive shopping experience. This is only the start of things to come.”

Client Lead: Sara Solar
Planning Lead: Mikaela Crimmins
Project Management Lead: Danith Thai
Creative Lead: Robert Lettieri

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