BPAY Group teams up with drag diva Leasa Mann to help people in need

18 August 2020

Creative Agency: BMF

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To date, around 40 people have received help with over $5,000 worth of bills paid.

BPAY has partnered with Melbourne’s very own drag diva, Leasa Mann, in a campaign created by BMF, that features the generosity of Aussies who are helping each other pay bills with BPAY.

There’s no doubt the global pandemic has left many people struggling to pay their bills and unfortunately, these challenges are by no means over. But from all of this adversity, countless stories of humanity and generosity have also emerged.

“A couple of months ago, I posted on Facebook, offering to pay the bills of anyone struggling because of COVID-19," Mann says.

"I was doing this for a couple of weeks and using the security and privacy of BPAY to pay the bills of others, without sharing or knowing any personal information about the recipient, when all of a sudden, it just exploded!

"I had people from all over the country offering to help. It was all so unexpected and to be honest, a little overwhelming, but it was wonderful to see the good in people in times of crisis."

To date, around 40 people have received help with over $5,000 worth of bills paid.

“I never thought one post would spark a wave of kindness with so many people joining in to help. Together, we were able to cover over $5000 worth of expenses for people who’ve been doing it tough,” Mann says.

“I was so excited when BPAY got on board. Now, all you have to do is watch my tutorial to help you get better at paying bills, and BPAY will donate $1 for every unique view to charity."

The campaign aims to highlight that BPAY is “In Your Corner” and includes a suite of content starring Leasa, as she explains how BPAY’s product features help her master her own bills – and how these features can help other Aussies, too.

At the end of the campaign, BPAY will distribute funds to the First Nations Foundation in support of its My Money Dream initiative, an online training program designed to increase the financial well being of Indigenous Australians..

“We want this campaign to continue to demonstrate the ease, convenience, privacy and security of using BPAY to manage your own bills, or the bills of others," BPAY Group general manager marketing and communication Renee Amor says.

"When over 98% of Australians know BPAY and more than 70% use it, it makes it much easier to do something that makes a difference In the community, and that's why our member financial institutions are supporting and sharing this campaign.

"The initiative not only enables Australians to help pay the bills of those doing it tough through the crisis, it will also make a significant contribution to the great work being done by the First Nations Foundation."

BMF group creative director Pia Chaudhuri says the campaign hopes to show Australians that BPAY is "much more than the logo in the corner of their bills".

"When we came across Leasa’s story, we were blown away. She’s such a genuinely amazing person for the generosity she’s shown so many people during this pandemic," Chaudhuri says.

"But the fact she was also using BPAY to do it meant we had to find a way to build on what she started, to help even more people in need. It’s crazy that what began as one single Facebook post has culminated in a campaign that will contribute towards many more people – both Aussies looking for a better way to get on top of their bills, as well as the lasting financial skills of First Nations’ people."


Creative Agency: BMF
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Derwin
Group Creative Director: Pia Chaudhuri
Art Director: Jane Tjokrowidjaja
Copywriter: Lisa Down
Head of Art and Design: Lincoln Grice
Senior Interactive Designer: Matthew Hughes
Chief Strategy Officer: Christina Aventi
Strategic Planner: Sarah Hood
Chief Executive Officer: Stephen McArdle
General Manager: Paul Coles
Account Manager: Adam Reeves
Head of TV: Jenny Lee-Archer
Agency Producer: Esta Lau
Production Company: Sweetshop
Director and Filmmaker: Logan Mucha
Producer: Greg Fyson
Post Production: The Editors
Editor: Laurence Van Camp
Sound and Music: Otis
DOP: Marden Dean
Art Buyer: Basir Salleh
Photographer: Benn Wood
Production Director: Karen Liddle
Integrated Producer: Simone Plaza
Digital Producer: Danielle Kartika
Front End Developer: King Tan

Client: BPAY Group
General Manager Marketing and Communication: Renee Amor
Senior Brand and Marketing Manager: Brittany Kury
Brand Campaign Managers: Emily Vella and Rita Phu
PR and Communication Managers: Dung Nguyen and Jeffrey Coote

Media: Ikon Communications

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