How do you like them apples?

4 March 2015

Creative Agency: The Works Sydney

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A new campaign for Aussie Apples is set to refresh the conversation around our favourite fruit.

The campaign is the first by newly appointed creative agency, The Works, for Horticulture Innovation Australia. It's designed to bring Aussie Apples to the foreground and remind consumers how the fruit provides a riving experience.

Horticulture Innovation Australia, marketing services manager for Aussie Apples Luke Westley said: “The industry has been in growth in recent times and we believe that this campaign will resonate with younger Australia where we see further growth opportunities.”

The Works creative partner Paul Swann aid the campaign is “quite a departure from the previous work” but gives apples the boost they need.

“Apples are the staple of most shopping baskets but with this camping we wanted to reinvigorate their perception and appeal to a young adult audience, who often reach for other convenience options.”

It's not just the apple that needs some marketing love - while the banana may not strike you as a product that needs much advertising, $3.5 million a year is invested in the humble fruit. Check out: Gorilla marketing: Multimillion-dollar campaign boosts bananas.


Creative: The Works

Client: Horticulture Innovation Australia / Aussie Apples

Marketing Services Manager: Luke Westley

Media: Ikon Communications

Market Research Consultants: BRDC Jones Donald

Photographer: Hugh Peachey

Typography: Luke Lucas


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