Honda Australia teams up with Taboola and Zenith Media

13 May 2020

Advertiser: Honda
Media Agency: Zenith

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The auto brand drove a 291% increase in conversion rate with retargeting with Taboola.

Discovery platform Taboola has collaborated with Honda Australia and Zenith Media to allow the Australian arm of the global automobile manufacturer to significantly increase conversion rate and customer engagement from a recent campaign.

Among standout results, the auto brand drove a 291% increase in conversion rate with retargeting with Taboola.

In addition, the campaign helped the auto brand achieve a 27% increase in online dealership engagements, in the form of ‘Find a Dealer’ searches, from in-market buyers - a key objective and conversion metric for the auto brand.

Honda Australia and Zenith Media were able to track the success of their campaign with the use of the Taboola Pixel.

“Collectively, we are driving real value for brand awareness by tapping into our audience of 1.4 billion people each month, which is allowing brands such as Honda to promote real-world benefit in the form of actual visits to dealerships, from those with a high likelihood of purchasing," Taboola CEO and founder Adam Singolda says.


The Taboola Pixel efficiently and precisely allows for multiple conversion tracking, events tracking, and custom audience building.

“Keeping our brand top of mind with buyers is always a priority and we’re doing that through innovative partnerships,” Honda Australia brand communications manager Ben Familton says.

"Working alongside Taboola and Zenith Media has allowed us to build brand awareness locally, in a brand safe way. We’re driving more in-market customers to our online portals, and in the case highlighted here, more potential visitors to our dealerships through ‘Find a Dealer’ searches. We look forward to continuing and expanding on our collaboration.”

Zenith Media digital manager Beth Brady says working with Taboola allowed the agency to hit its key KPIs and increase digital buying efficiencies.

“They’ve provided regular updates and visits to ensure that the full potential of our campaign was being met," Brady says.

"The constant flow of updates and optimisations have given us a competitive advantage in the market.”

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