Helen Mirren slams drunk drivers in Budweiser ad for Super Bowl

3 February 2016

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Don't be a pillock, don't drink drive.

Budweiser is using its 60 second spot during the Super Bowl to tackle the issue of drunk driving.

However, the brand isn't making your typical public service announcement. The ad, by Anomaly in New York, features actress Helen Mirren, instead of the usual car crashes and screeching tyres.

In the clip, Mirren slams drunk drivers saying; "I'll sum it up like this; if you drive drunk you are, simply put, a short-sighted, utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution."

In addition, Budweiser has partnered with Twitter for a branded emoji, and will donate US$1 - up to US$1 million - to safe ride programs every time the hashtag is used.

One for Helen Mirren, zero for drunk drivers everywhere.

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