Heineken wants men to drink less for the ladies

12 January 2016

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All the single ladies... hate drunks, apparently.

Heineken has released its latest responsible consumption campaign, and it has lots of ladies singing about their distaste for drunks.

In the one-minute ad by Publicis Group Italy, women are singing a remixed version of the Bonnie Tyler classic, I Need a Hero.

As they sing the catchy tune they are rejecting drunken men while strutting through nightclubs, pubs and train stations.

The ad was released after Heineken polled 5000 21-35 year olds about their drinking and found that younger generations want to be in control of their image. One in three people admitted they are worried about social shaming if they appear drunk in a photo - we’ve been there.

The idea behind the ad was to empower women to encourage men to moderate their drinking on a night out, saying if you rush the before, you’ll miss the after. However, the idea of women needing a hero could be considered a little bit dated.

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