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23 July 2019

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Hearing Australia has launched a new brand identity and campaign created by WPP AUNZ-owned design and brand consultancy Landor.

Hearing Australia has unveiled a new identity and supporting campaign that Celebrates Sound developed by brand and design consultancy Landor.

Focusing on the beauty of the soundscape around us, the new Hearing Australia brand aims to position the organisation as one that ensures all Australians experience the power and wonder of sound.

Landor worked closely with Hearing Australia to develop a new identity for the organisation, which has been caring for Australians for over 70 years.

This includes a name change, from Australian Hearing to Hearing Australia, highlighting the organisation’s commitment to deliver even better services to its over 250,000 clients and its focus on improving the hearing health of all Australians.

“This is an important step forward in promoting the importance of hearing and helping Australians,” Kim Terrell, managing director of Hearing Australia, says.

“The new branding is based on research involving over 1,500 people and will promote what Hearing Australia can do to help people discover, or rediscover, the sounds they love. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and the changes we’ve made are a direct result of client feedback.

“We’re excited by our new identity and campaign developed by Landor which clearly represents our unique services and research capabilities, while positively celebrating one of life’s most important experiences – sound.”

While Landor has been working with Hearing Australia for more than two years, it is the first significant brand transformation and campaign it has executed for the organisation.

In addition to the name change and brand identity, Landor also developed a range of supporting elements including a brand campaign comprising a TVC, online video, print advertising, a brand toolkit, illustrations, tone of voice and retail design guidelines.

Working alongside fellow WPP AUNZ agency, AKQA, transformed the experience design of the website, supporting the new brand identity and customer insights of Hearing Australia.

“The market is full of negativity when it comes to losing your hearing, usually focusing on the idea of ‘loss’ and ageing, and not being able to communicate with others," Landor creative director, Tom Carey says.

"We saw this as an opportunity to do something completely different, by building a positive brand that focuses on the beauty and wonder of sound. An opportunity to talk about hearing sound instead of loss, to highlight the benefits of hearing when you work on managing the issue.

“The result is a contemporary brand that celebrates sound in every possible way. A brand where you can hear, see and feel the sound. Even the supporting campaign is about the sounds of Australia – celebrating all the different sounds that we call home.”

The concept of ‘sound’ has also been incorporated into a range of design elements inspired by the ‘science of sound’.

“We researched how sound waves work, move and look (if we could see them), and based everything from the logo to the textures of the furnishing, and a suite of three dimensional motion forms, on this design concept," Carey explains.

"It also extends to the materials in its centres, the texture of its corporate wardrobe and throughout the culture of the organisation, as both a celebration and centrepiece of the new brand."

Terrell adds: “This change will help more people connect with us sooner so we can help them take their first steps to improving their hearing health and enhancing their life.”


Daye Moffitt – Executive Strategy Director
Alana McMillan – Senior Client Director
Tom Carey – Creative Director
Ethan Hsu – Senior Designer
Nicola Ferry – Senior Designer
Elodie Trumpheme-Hennessey – Designer

AKQA: Digital
Mediacom: Media Planning and Buying
Borja: Video and Photography
Never Sit Still: Motion Design
RMK: Sound
Smith and Western: Sound
Colmar Brunton: Research

Bianca Walton – Customer Experience and Brand Project Manager, Hearing Australia
Bernadette Clarke - Campaign Manager, Hearing Australia
Linda Ballam-Davies – Communications Manager, Hearing Australia

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