Australian Retirement Trust unveils 'Awaken Your Super' via M&C Saatchi Group

29 April 2024

Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi
Media Agency: Bohemia

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Awakening your super 'monster'.

Australian super fund Australian Retirement Trust (ART) is on a mission to help Australians realise the potential of  superannuation in its latest campaign created by M&C Saatchi and Bohemia.

Superannuation is on the back burner for Australians struggling to visualise their retirement in the face of immediate financial headwinds, with the nation facing some of the toughest economic conditions in a generation.

This context shaped the challenge set to M&C by ART’s EGM, marketing & digital, Simonne Burnett, in creating the new campaign.

Despite the ART's size, the fund is a young brand in the financial landscape, said Burnett, and it needs to rapidly build awareness and trust with Australians if it's going to drive growth beneficial to its members.

"The creation of a campaign that gets people thinking differently about the relationship they have with their super, in a compelling and distinctive way, is fundamental to us achieving this ambition," said Burnett.

"In a category that struggles for differentiation, we’re immensely proud of where the work has landed and its potential to help Australians achieve better retirement outcomes."

The ‘Awaken Your Super’ campaign centres on challenging the notion that for the majority of Australians, superannuation isn’t seen to be as active, interesting or relevant as the rest of their money.

It shows that super can be so powerful people could think of it as a 'monster' and awakening your super 'monster' means taking control of possibly one of the biggest investments of their life – to realise their dreams for your future.

Running with this visual metaphor, the campaign invites people to reappraise the relationship they have with their super, encouraging them to take control of their Monster with ART.

M&C Saatchi CEO Michael McEwan said superannuation is the largest financial asset for many Australians after the family home, yet the powerful role it can play in their lives is too often overlooked.

"This work assumes a leadership stance and invites Australians to awaken their super and see what it’s capable of with ART. We are incredibly proud of the work and it’s a testament to the tight integrated team that brought it to life," said McEwan.

Brought to life through the directorial lens of The Glue Society, the campaign is underpinned by a media strategy designed to unleash the idea’s monstrous potential. 

Bohemia CEO Paul Hutchison said working as a fully integrated media and advertising team has given the agency the perfect opportunity to harness the combined power of creativity and media.

"To hand select monstrous media placements that enhance the 'awaken your super' message," said Hutchison.

The ART ‘Awaken Your Super’ campaign launch is led by a hero film and complemented by a suite of OOH placements, social, and bespoke integrations.

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