Kmart delivers customer joy with Low Prices for Life

23 July 2019

Advertiser: Kmart
Creative Agency: BWM Dentsu Melbourne
Media Agency: UM (VIC)

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After working with Kmart for the last eight years, BWM Dentsu decided to create a new brand campaign for the retailer in a "fresh way".

Kmart has launched a new brand campaign Low Prices for Life to highlight its commitment to low-priced products.

The campaign focuses on celebrating the joy customers feel when engaging with the brand in their everyday lives.

To complement the campaign created by BWM Dentsu, the Australian retailer has introduced the new music track Everlasting Love and partnered with Australian singer-songwriter Pete Murray with vocals.

Laurie Lai, general manager marketing at Kmart Australia says the campaign celebrates the role Kmart's products play in its customers lives.

“We know household budgets are tight, so now is the right time strategically to renew our brand promise to provide the latest low-price products," Lai says.

"We’re excited that our new positioning, created by the BWM Dentsu team, will create more authentic, emotional connections with our customers.”

Belinda Murray, managing director at BWM Dentsu Melbourne, says it was time to "communicate Kmart's brand purpose in a fresh way" after working with the retailer for the last eight years. 

“With this campaign, we wanted to celebrate everything that Australians know and love about Kmart, while elevating the sense of joy that customers feel when Kmart products are integrated into their homes,” Murray says.

The creative explores moments of joy when Aussies incorporate Kmart products into their everyday lives.

The work is kept distinctively Kmart by leveraging the iconic K device, white background and logo while building on the brand’s signature music and celebration model.

“It’s exciting to work with one of Australia’s most well-loved brands and we’re proud to have created campaigns that really capture Kmart’s spirit and resonate with customers in our time with Kmart so far," Amy Hollier, executive creative director at BWM Dentsu, Melbourne, says.

“In this new approach, the products are literally pulled out of the pristine white environment we’ve become used to into joyous, spontaneous real life, demonstrating the way Kmart’s low prices make their products a ubiquitous part of Australian life.

“From social through to broadcast, we have worked with Kmart to embrace an authentic and accessible style of storytelling, which we believe will be embraced by an Australian customer searching for trust. We applaud Kmart for showcasing their product against the backdrop of real real life and see this as Kmart’s next milestone brand moment.”

Kmart’s Low Prices for Life brand campaign launched nationally on Sunday, 21 July and is integrated across TV, OOH, catalogue, radio, social, digital display, website and in-store.


Client: Kmart
Agency: BWM Dentsu
Production Company: Revolver
Media: UM

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