H&R Block helps Australians sleep while learning about tax via The Works

20 October 2020

Creative Agency: The Works Sydney

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'Taxation Relaxation’ is an Action for the Google Assistant which will put even the lightest sleepers into the deepest of siestas.

Understanding the complexities of the tax system is enough to put anyone to sleep.

Now H&R Block, in conjunction with creative agency The Works, is giving Aussies the opportunity to enter into a peaceful slumber by listening to the soothing sounds of the Australian Tax code.

'Taxation Relaxation’ is an Action for the Google Assistant which will put even the lightest sleepers into the deepest of siestas.

Choose from five equally snoozy parts of the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1997, including General Income Tax; Capital Gains Tax; Rules for Particular Industries; Value Shifting; and Tax Admin.

Two minutes into hearing about Section 15.35 (Interest on overpayments and early payments of tax) or Part 5-30 (Record-keeping and other obligations) and you’ll be on your way to the land of nod.

“Tax time can be daunting for many and there’s no doubt that listening to the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1997 on our Taxation Relaxation voice experience will put anyone to sleep," says H&R Block marketing and digital innovations director Louise Cummins.

"We thought this was a fun way to demonstrate you needn’t lose sleep about not getting your taxes done as our tax experts are across all the complicated regulations to make sure our clients get every tax deduction they are entitled.”

According to the Australian Tax Office as many as 4.8 million people hadn’t lodged their tax records by 31 October last year, risking substantial fines.

H&R Block has launched Taxation Relaxation to highlight that you don’t have to lose sleep if you miss the deadline.

“Our ‘The Voice of Us’ research shows the use of voice assistants and smart speakers is booming with 11.3 million or 69% of Australians having used their voice to interact with devices," says The Works creative partner Douglas Nicol.

"H&R Block are capitalising on this growing trend with its first foray in voice and this innovative Action for the Google Assistant we’ve created is guaranteed to put any insomniac to sleep.”

To start, users need a Google Assistant-enabled device, an Android phone, or the Google Assistant app installed and just say: “Hey Google, talk to Taxation Relaxation,” and the experience will begin.

The launch will be supported by a social campaign from media agency PHD.

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