BlueBet celebrates being 100% true blue via JIMJAM

15 October 2020

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The campaign, created in-conjunction with Humble Productions, has launched in time for Spring.

In the incredibly crowded online gaming market BlueBet had a major point of difference - they’re one of the few 100% Australian owned bookmakers.

Being a relative newcomer this would form the basis for a ‘true blue’ branding campaign that only BlueBet could own.

It just so happened that ‘blue’ actually made for a hysterical link to ‘Australiana’, further re-enforcing the brand’s 100% Aussie owned credentials.

“With so many of the bookmaking firms owned by big English companies, we really want to emphasise our Aussie heritage in a fun way," says BlueBet COO Bill Richmond.

“The concept of Blue obviously works with our Brand and this reinforces the entertainment factor Bluebet is all about.”

The campaign, created by JIMJAM Ideas in-conjunction with Humble Productions has launched in time for Spring, will roll out on TV, radio and online with the aim of unleashing all things true blue.

This is all signed off with the Bluu-eee! call to action, derived from the famous Aussie catch cry ‘Coo-eee! – a memorable branding sign off that will feature in all TV, digital and radio assets for years to come.

“It was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air during these times to work on such a laraconistic 100% Aussie owned brand," says JIMJAM creative director Charlie Cook.

Blue Bet
COO – Bill Richmond
Marketing Director – Collin Tew

Creative Agency:
Creative Director - Charlie Cook
Account Director - Alana Fechner
Writer - Charlie Cook

Production Company:
Humble Productions:
Executive Producer: Brynn Fulcher
Creative Director: Duncan Shields
Director: Nick Robertson
DP: Kevin Scott
Art Director: Quentin Tetz
Editor/Colour: Mark Parry
Sound Mix: Matt Sladen
Casting: Chicken & Chips

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