Get into rubber, get into Ultra Tune

20 January 2016

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It seems Ultra Tune missed the memo that advertising has moved on from damsels in distress and the use of sexy women to sell a product.

Australian auto service company Ultra Tune is supporting the Australian Open with its usual latex ladies starring in the adverts.

The ladies wearing rubber body suits are back despite complaints to the ASB that the ads objectify women.

In the first 15-second clip, the voiceover says, “Get into rubber and get into Wimbledon.” The spot encourages viewers to buy a set of tyres to go into the draw to Wimbledon.

The other ad, ‘Unexpected Situation’, puts the women (now wearing miniskirts) on the train tracks after their car has broken down.

You’d think by the use of the women in the ad that Ultra Tune are targeting a new market, but the women emerge in low-cut, dishevelled clothing covered in grease as they strut towards the camera. The message is clear: boys only.

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