FWPA offers a new perspective on forestry

1 July 2019

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The campaign comes off the back of the development of a new brand, The Ultimate Renewable, which aims to spread universal and positive communications from the sector.

Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) has launched an advertising campaign to share the environmental advantages of forestry and wood products, as consumers increasingly look for alternatives to unsustainable materials.

The advertisements offer a new perspective on forestry – that wood is a continually renewable resource and that trees in Australia’s commercial forests are replanted.

Trees also have the unique ability to store carbon, making it an environmentally friendly option across the entire supply chain.

Award-winning architect and host of Grand Designs Australia Peter Maddison is the face of the $1.8m campaign that will cover all major and regional Australian cities across multiple channels, directing audiences to Planet Ark’s Make It Wood website.

The campaign comes off the back of the development of a new brand, The Ultimate Renewable, based on extensive industry and consumer research conducted by consultancy Pollinate.

The brand was created by FWPA to offer a universal, positive communications message for the sector to share.

FWPA managing director Ric Sinclair says the focus groups alongside analysis of hundreds of media articles revealed there was little knowledge that foresters actively replant the trees they harvest.

“The analysis undertaken by research consultancy, Pollinate, showed what was missing from the narrative was a focus on replanting. During consultation, a common theme emerged ... that forestry is a renewable industry," Sinclair says.

“What we have created is a brand that everyone in the industry can embrace. Working together we can amplify the message and reframe forestry in the eyes of the public."

Advertisements will appear on television from 30 June for four weeks, as well as on social media, out-of-home such as billboards and displays at train stations, and print mediums until mid-September.

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