Lumen partners with over 50s dance troupe for first TVC

28 June 2019

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Over 50s dating app Lumen continues its mission to "shine a light on the invisible generation" in its first-ever TVC created in-house.

Over 50s dating app Lumen has launched of its first TV commercial in Australia to support its continued fight against ageism, and challenging people's perceptions of the over 50s.

The 30-second TVC, created in-house, features over 50s dance troupe Silver Classix Crew performing Tron dance wearing LED suits.

The finale of the energetic performance is signalled with a flood of light and the removal of LED hats, revealing the faces and ages of the eight dancers.

“Over 50s often cite that they are an invisible generation, with media and society in general often dismissing this dynamic and influential segment," Lumen co-founder and CMO Charly Lester says.

"Our new advertisement, starring Silver Classix Crew, seeks to raise awareness that over 50s are still full of energy and enthusiasm for life, and have so much to look forward to in their years ahead.

"We want to continue to empower over 50s by reminding the mainstream media that 50 isn’t the end, and in fact for many, it’s just the start of a journey of falling in love with oneself and maybe even someone else!.”

Silver Classix Crew and Lumen both aim to shine a light on the "invisible generation"; the over 50s who are young at heart but are not represented as such in the media.

As Atlanta’s official 50-plus dance team, Silver Classix Crew generates excitement for all ages to get involved in dance, live life to the fullest, and improve with age.

Their enthusiasm for an energetic life after 50 is captured in the TVC and demonstrates that the vibrancy of life doesn’t stop at middle age. 

“We’re thrilled to star in Lumen’s first ever TV commercial. 50 is nowhere near the end of the road, as there’s so much fun yet to be had!" Silver Classix Crew founder Leslie Alison says.

"As a dance instructor to over 50s for the last nine years, I have watched each of my students improve their skills and health with age, and have so much fun in the process. We love having the opportunity to share this message with the world, and support Lumen in their journey of empowering over 50s to find companionship, love and vibrancy for the rest of their lives.”

The TVC follows Lumen’s recent expansion to the US, after launching in the UK in September 2018, and Australia earlier this year. 

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