Four'N Twenty pies launches Aussie Slang words campaign

28 April 2017

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Blokes and sheilas get around latest Four'N Twenty Slang campaign.

Australian pie company Four'N Twenty is launching a new campaign titled 'Save Our Slang' in celebration of its 70th birthday.

To coincide with the anniversary, the packaging of Four'N Twenty's best selling products will feature one of 70 different Australian slang terms.

'Save Our Slang' will be supported by a social media campaign featuring AFL player Jonathan 'Browny' Brown and will call on Australians to submit their favourite Aussie expressions.

Four'N Twenty marketing manager Mario Matchado says the campaign aims to “honour our rich and varied vocabulary”.

“We are doing our bit to help preserve that unique aspect of Australian culture – 70 slang words to celebrate 70 years of great Australian taste,” added Matchado.

Packaging will be emblazoned with Aussie slang favourites such as 'bloke', 'bogan', 'grouse', 'straya' and 'you beauty' from May through to July.

As part of the campaign, consumers will also have the chance to win special Australiana products, including Four'N Twenty budgie smugglers, stubby holders and other branded items.

'Save Our Slang' will run on the company's social media pages and roll out across radio and outdoor.

The campaign also has its own promotional website,

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