Doublestar Co creates 'stunning' visuals for Advanced Navigation

2 December 2020

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Doublestar Co worked across art direction, 3D modelling and design help that captured the brand's value proposition and offering.

Advanced Navigation turned to Doublestar Co for art direction, 3D modelling and design help that would capture the value proposition and offering of Advanced Navigation: AIR, LAND, SEA & SUB-SEA for its upcoming campaign, Accurate positioning in the most demanding conditions.

“We know that we are leading the industry when it comes to innovative navigation solutions and our marketing collateral must reflect this status," Advanced Navigation head of marketing Romain Pare says.

"Doublestar created stunning visuals that not only differentiate the brand but convey more than words and technical specifications ever could.”

In addition to the campaign creative, Doublestar created new brand and design guidelines along with fresh print, social and HTML5 display banner collateral for the Australian-founded global manufacturer.

"Being part of a niche industry, one of the main concerns for Advance Navigation was visual storytelling," Doublestar director of art and design Baptiste David says.

"We created a series of 3D renders and environments to match their four product offerings using moody dark tones and starlit sloes as the symbol of Advanced Navigation with an epic look and feel.

“We wanted the fresh creative to convey the complex detail of navigation systems, inertial sensors, acoustics, GNSS and robotics in a beautifully simple and arresting way that will create distinction and consideration in a typically conservative industry."

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