Lurpak asks Australians to bake presents this Christmas instead of buying

1 December 2020

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The campaign was developed by Banter.

Iconic butter brand Lurpak has tapped into the nation’s obsession with baking to encourage more Australians to bake their Christmas gifts this year instead of buying them with a new campaign developed by Banter.

Ill-fitting socks. Corny ties. A standard box of chocolates. Generic gifts go unwanted and lack the heart that a homemade gift really has. So this year, Lurpak is on a mission to encourage Australians to bake their Christmas gifts instead of buying them.

To help this mission, Lurpak will be gifting thousands of complimentary Lurpak baking kits to Australians across the country so that they can make a thoughtful Christmas masterpiece for someone they care about.

Christmas bakers can choose from one of three Lurpak recipe kits:
- Christmas Butter Biscuits
- Spiced Gingerbread Biscuits
- Cinnamon Rolls

Each kit features a custom Lurpak Christmas tin to put your gift into, a sample ingredient, recipe booklet, a baking tool that will help you master Christmas and a Christmas card so that you can write the perfect message to tell a loved one that they deserve Lurpak at Christmas.

But it doesn’t stop there, as every gift recipient will also be gifted a mobile coupon to redeem in-store so that they can start baking and pay it forward.

To receive a free Christmas baking kit, Australia’s budding bakers simply need to purchase any Lurpak product at their local Woolworths and upload their receipt at

Lurpak has teamed up with Jules Sebastian to kickstart the campaign, showcasing her love of baking from her state-of-the-art kitchen.

“Home baked treats always make a great gift and I know my boys love getting involved in decorating biscuits for their teachers and sporting coaches,” Sebastian says.

“This way they have a personal touch, and my boys understand why it is special for them to be making a gift for someone they care about."

Banter partner and co-founder Paul Den says working with Lurpak on the Christmas campaign was "an absolute pleasure.

"There’s something so special about receiving a gift that someone has made so we really wanted to tap into this to create more usage occasions around Lurpak and baking," Den says.

"We’re so thrilled to launch this campaign and see Australia baking instead of buying!”

Says Laura Grecu, brand manager, Lurpak: “This year has made us more thoughtful and has brought everyone together, a lot closer to their families, their hobbies as well as their food. We, at Lurpak, know how good food can bring joy and happiness, and nothing screams thoughtful more than a tin of warm, freshly-baked goodies to gift to your loved ones. Our intention is to encourage home cooks to step forth and put their love into their baking. It is the COOK who MAKES Christmas after all“.

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