Domain promotes app offering with massive outdoor push

8 February 2017

Advertiser: Domain

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"Where's your perfect location?" - Domain is pushing consumers to its app using an outdoor campaign.

Domain pushing its app offering with a massive outdoor campaign for Autumn.

The campaign, called "Location Matters", launches off the insight that location is considered one of the most important factors when buying or renting.

It promotes the app's ability to locate important utilities such as school zones, transport and beaches.

Domain’s chief editorial and marketing officer Melina Cruickshank says a home's location creates desirability, desirability creates demand and demand creates value.

"Domain’s Property App has become such an important utility in helping people select the right location. Map Search, Home Price Guide and School Zones all provide instant information and insights when searching for property."

Over the past two years Domain has focused heavily in outdoor as a key brand advertising channel.

John O'Neill, director of sales and marketing at QMS says Domain's approach has not gone unnoticed by other brands.

“We now have several of Australia's largest and most well known brands coming to us with the most clear and flattering of briefs — 'We want to do what Domain have done'," he says.

“Quite simply, Domain is leading the way in targeted, relevant and dynamic executions of creative outdoor campaigns and is one of the reasons our industry continues to prosper.”

The campaign concept will be rolled out across multiple channels - including digital media, social and radio.


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