Dogs still wacko for Schmackos

22 May 2017

Creative Agency: DDB Melbourne

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DDB Melbourne brings back iconic Schmackos tune after a two-year hiatus.

Dog food Schmackos is bringing back its famous “dogs go wackos for Schmackos” tune after a two-year advertising hiatus.

Created by DDB Melbourne, the ad sees both the dog and owner going wacko over the dog food.

Mars Petcare marketing director Ben Culligan says: “Throughout the years the brand has been focused on the fun Schmackos treats unleashes for dogs, but the owners also get a lot of joy out of treating.”

The Schmackos 'Duet' features a man dressed in a fluffy animal suit performing synchronised dance moves with his dog in an attempt to modernise the brand.

DDB Melbourne creative director Glen Dickson said the ad was a “fresh take on the old Schmamckos we all know and love”.

DDB recently invested $1 million on its new positioning and a suite of tools that aim to challenge the age-old paradigms that exist in the industry and refocus the agency’s commitment to consumers.

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