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The past year for Leo Burnett has been anything but quiet. The agency has bolstered its impressive portfolio of work with many lauded campaigns for major clients including 7-Eleven, Seek and Bundaberg.

The network has shone at several global awards including AdFest, the APMA Star Awards and the Mobius Awards. Its creative prowess clearly resonates with clients.

In early June 2012, its Sydney office ate into DDB’s share of the McDonald’s pie, winning its McCafé and Family brands. Others to side with the NSW office included Kellogg’s, Intel, Dove, Pimms and Chobani. These added to clients including Diaego, Caltex, eBay and Heineken.

Meanwhile, its Melbourne arm was doing deals with Honda, Jay Jays, Peters Ice Cream and Old El Paso. Household names such as Betty Crocker, British Paints, Nintendo and 7-Eleven were already working with the agency.

Overseen by industry luminaries Todd Sampson, Andy DiLallo and Jason Williams, the agency has continued to impress, inspire and grow. The respective arms bolstered their staff ranks in the past 12 months, leading to a combined growth of 25%.
Sourced from AdNews Agency Report Card, May 31 2013 edition.

What they say:

We’re part of Leo Burnett Worldwide, with 96 offices globally across 82 countries. In Australia, we’re a healthy business with 7 years of continuous growth. We have grown to become one of the most successful agency networks in Australia. We work across a diverse range of clients in size and sector. Our clients include Nintendo, SEEK, General Mills and 7-Eleven.

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