Citi Australia encourages Australian investors to take control

16 June 2020

Creative Agency: 303 MullenLowe

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The campaign was created by 303 MullenLowe.

Citi Australia has launched a new campaign via 303 MullenLowe offering sophisticated investors the opportunity to take greater control of their money by capitalising on Citi’s range of investment products.

“The campaign has been built from an extensive strategic review of the current mind set of Australians – many of whom feel distinctly rattled by the current market and what this means for their savings," 303 MullenLowe managing director Joanna Gray says.

"They feel out of control and unsure what to invest in given the instability of the share market and low interest rates offered by products such as term deposits and savings accounts."

Citi Wealth Management is the investment arm of Citi Australia, and the team is uniquely positioned to help these investors take control, by sharing investment perspectives born of their global outlook and unique investment product portfolio, which includes bonds and structured investment products.

“Now more than ever our clients are coming to us for leadership when it comes to navigating complex markets," Citi Australia Wealth Management head of digital and segments Roger Slater says.

"We hope this campaign encapsulates our ability to help our clients maintain control, even when economic conditions are volatile."

The new campaign Take Control specifically talks to how Citi Wealth Management can provide sophisticated investors with the choices, options and insight they need to feel confident in their portfolios.

“Given the current mindset of investors and the uncertain economic environment we face, we chose to engage with Australians emotionally rather than lead with aggressive price based offers," Gray says.

"We believe an empathic approach will yield better results."

303 Mullenlowe chief strategy officer Jon Mckie says the campaign shows Citi Wealth Management remains calm in the digital chaos the world finds itself in at the moment.

“The language is direct, succinct and informative to ensure the audience feel in control the moment they interact with Citi Wealth Management," Mckie says.

“Citi Wealth Management, with its deep expertise and different investment products, is perfectly positioned to help Australians take back control in all this chaos. It offers intelligent options - leaving it to individuals to make up their own minds once they have been well informed and advised of the best ways to securely grow their investments,."

303 MullenLowe won the Citi Retail Bank acquisition and customer retention business through a competitive pitch 18 months ago and has extended its partnership with Citi Australia in recent months.

303 MullenLowe
Joanna Gray, Managing Director
Jon McKie, Chief Strategy Officer,
Becky Bishop, Director of Customer Experience
Jonathon Bates, Senior Business Director
Craig Merrett, Art Director
Zach Goldberg, Copywriter

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