Spinach launches podcast campaign for Queen Victoria Market

15 June 2020

Creative Agency: Spinach Advertising

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The campaign is a series of live reads featuring David Brown.

Full-service Melbourne agency Spinach has launched a campaign for Queen Victoria Market.

The market has been part of Melbourne’s story for more than 140 years and has been heavily impacted by COVID-19.

With social distancing restrictions starting to lift, the campaign reminds Melburnians that there has never been a more important time to shop and buy local and support the small, family-run businesses that make up the iconic Queen Victoria Market.

Looking to reach the key segment of progressive, inner-urban professionals who are becoming harder to engage through more traditional forms of media and even mainstream digital channels, podcasts were identified as an emerging medium with the assistance of data from various sources including Roy Morgan.

Through a partnership with Australian custom podcast producers Ranieri and Co, the campaign utilises a series of live reads in key podcast titles with the ads geotargeted to reach the Market’s local catchment area.

When the target audience tunes in, the ads are dynamically inserted, increasing efficiency of the campaign and reducing wastage.

The live reads feature David Brown, host of the Business Wars podcast and a Peabody Award winning journalist, and appear in podcasts including Business Wars, Imagined Life, Stories Podcast and Good Life Project via a combination of pre-roll and mid-roll.

The channel gives Queen Victoria Market a clutter free environment to deliver its message with the media placement supported by 2019 research that found five million Australians had listened to a podcast in the past month.

Furthermore, research shows that podcasts create high levels of memory encoding for brands that choose to advertise in them due to the ability of the medium to deliver sustained emotional intensity.

“More and more Australians are turning to podcasts," Ranieri and Co co-founder Nick Randall says.

"In this instance, we were able to use one of the most high-profile podcast talents in the world for a campaign that is highly localised to key suburbs in Melbourne to showcase the benefits of shopping at the much-loved Melbourne market.”

The ads sound native to the content and make the most of the long form nature of the live read to showcase a number of attributes of the Market.

“With podcast listenership on the rise during lockdown, this is a great way to promote the iconic Queen Vic Market next to some of the most interesting and popular stories in the world," Spinach general manager and media director Ben Willee says.

"This approach offers efficient delivery of audience and great creative in a low clutter environment, delivering cut-through that counts.”

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