Circles.Life asks single Australians if they would prefer data or a lover

11 May 2020

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55% of singles prefer mobile data over a lover.

Australia’s first digital Telco Circles.Life has launched a new campaign digging into Australian habits and attitudes surrounding mobile data and love during the COVID-19 isolation period.

“This question poses a modern-day dilemma and especially in this time of isolation, where there is an increased reliance on mobile data and staying connected,” Circles.Life head of marketing Delbert Ty says.

The campaign playfully shines a light on Australians’ personal priorities in this difficult time and challenges dating apps, like Tinder, to lift their game.

“Through a consumer research study DO and Circles.Life commissioned via Dynata; we were shocked to discover that 55% of singles prefer mobile data over a lover," DO managing director Andrew Dowling says.

"We felt it would be a great break from the mundane realities of isolation for Circles.Life to lay down a challenge to the likes of Tinder and ask Aussies to vote on which they truly prefer – our data or their love?” 

The campaign launched through an exclusive partnership with Pedestrian

As part of the campaign a poll has been created, encouraging the public to answer the question: Which would you choose – your Data or your Lover?

“Essentially it comes down to what do you value more – your online life or your real life? Check-out for yourself and cast a vote, when you really think about it, the choice is harder than it first appears," DO creative director Tom Ormes says.

The challenge was also sent to some of Australia’s favourite influencer couples answering the question on their Instagram Stories, sparking some ‘interesting conversations’.

Naturally, Circles.Life hope that at the end of the day love will prevail, with just a little bit of help from their data! To help solve the problem, Circles.Life is offering a 100GB SIM-only plan for $38 per month, with a $10 discount for the first three months.

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