Chris Hemsworth shares why he left Hollywood in new content series

18 June 2020

Creative Agency: Noisy Beast

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Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky star in a new short series from Swisse Wellness.

Swisse Wellness has released the first recorded piece in a collection of conversations with brand ambassadors Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, filmed in their hometown of Byron Bay, Australia.

The short series has been released as part of the Australian vitamin and supplement brand’s 50-year celebration and provides insight into Swisse’s partnership with the two iconic personalities.

The Swisse – The Quest Continues series includes four short films capturing Hemsworth and one feature of Pataky.

The series provides a window into their driven and determined approach to health, wellness and work, through conversations spanning their decision to return to Australia from LA to their shared love for the environment and natural world.

Swisse managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Nick Mann, says that the brand wanted to share Hemsworth’s story of trying to find balance through his own eyes and words, which is the same philosophy and culture at the heart of Swisse.

“This quest that we all seem to be on – to find balance in our lives, work, health and family – is not easy to achieve," Mann says.

"Chris and Elsa have made very conscious decisions to prioritise their health, contribute to their local ecosystem and achieve happiness in their lives, and we hoped to capture the essence of that.

“Sometimes we need to feel brave to make the changes that might bring balance to our existence. Chris and Elsa have taken, arguably, a much bigger step to find balance than most of us would ever think about making, but the positive result is unquestionable when you see them in the wild, natural beauty of Byron Bay.

"We love working with Chris and Elsa and hope that these stories will inspire others, or even remind people to seek out those moments that bring joy and balance."

The first short film released, On a Quest for Balance, features Hemsworth camping within and exploring local rainforests, waterholes and beaches.

He explains why he made decisions such as moving back to regional Australia and working with the Swisse brand.

“My friends here aren’t a part of the business, so there’s new, refreshing, exciting conversations and I feel like I’m learning something. It’s a much easier way to find that balance and switch off from work,” Chris says in the clip.

“I have a huge appreciation for Hollywood and L.A. – it’s where my career started; it’s where I met my wife. (But) once I became busy with work, we had kids, it never really felt like home.

"It was very hard to detach yourself from work. I felt there was a lack of creativity within me – so we made a conscious decision to move back to Australia and here to Byron Bay.”

Hemsworth and Pataky joined Swisse as global ambassadors in early 2019; a partnership born from a shared passion for a holistic approach to health and wellness, and continual development and innovation.

“I do have a sort of all-or-nothing approach to things. The common thread between my training, nutrition, mindfulness, work, all of it now is about pushing the boundaries. I don’t think there’s many people out there, who when training right, eating right, resting and being mindful don’t feel happier.

“That was one of the big things that influenced the decision to work with Swisse. They have a like-minded attitude to help people make healthier choices.

"I really appreciate the way that Swisse is pushing the boundaries and finding the best nutrients, but is still continuously trying to improve and evolve, and grow. I think that is what all of us can apply to our everyday life, plain and simple."

Creative agency Noisy Beast conceptualised and created the content series, led by Noisy Beast global creative director Murray Bransgrove.

“I’m incredibly proud to see the next series of Swisse content created by Noisy Beast go live," Bransgrove says.

"They highlight principles and beliefs mutually shared between Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky and Swisse regarding health, life balance and what needs to be done to look after our planet, not to mention a vision for constant evolution to maintain the success and global consciousness of the brand”

Director: Brendan Malloy
DOP: Jeremy Rouse
Production Company Producer: Ashley McLeod
Production Company: Sergeant Major
Offline/Online Editor: Alex Evans
Grade: Daniel Stonehouse, Crayon
Sound: Rodney Lowe, Production Alley
Music Composer: Jonny Higgins

Noisy Beast
Managing Director: David Brown
Global Creative Director: Murray Bransgrove
Senior Copywriter: Gareth Sweet
Producer: Claire Crawford
Account Director: Louise Sully
Account Executive: Elle Morley

Swisse Wellness
Suceka Li: Managing Director, Adult Nutrition & Care – China & Global Brand, H&H Group
June Goh: Global Marketing Director
Cristina Ma: Global Beauty Marketing Leader
Frank Yang: Global Senior Product Specialist
Emily Dunn: Global PR Manager
Sarah Chibnall: Communications Director, H&H Group
Malko Schraner: Global Partnerships and Ambassadors Manager, H&H Group

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