Celebrity chefs on the best biscuit they've ever eaten

10 August 2015

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners
Media Agency: OMD Melbourne

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Matt Moran, Donna Hay and Adriano Zumbo all agree this is the best biscuit they've had. Why? Because it's from The Red Cross Blood Service and it means they've helped save a life.

The Biscuit campaign, from Cummins&Partners, is built from the insight that motivation to donate blood is high, but the follow-through is not; with people claiming that it's too hard to do. In order to dispel this myth, The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is highlighting that giving blood is an easy and everyday activity by focusing on the most rewarding part of giving blood - the biscuit you get at the end.

Cummins&Partners CSO Adam Ferrier said: “Often advertising doesn't increase peoples’ motivations to act, it simply reminds them to do so. That was where we started.

"Some people think giving blood is a hassle, or time consuming. We wanted to re-frame this and to make the act of giving blood seem easier and more accessible. It’s an idea that has been driven directly out of our ‘Platforms for Action’ behaviour change process, and exactly the sort of work we aspire to make as an agency.”

In order to showcase how an ordinary biscuit is actually life changing, celebrity chefs including Adriano Zumbo, Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong, Matt Moran, Donna Hay, Gabriel Gaté and even cookie aficionado Cookie Monster explain why it's the best biscuit they've ever eaten.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service's Alyson Pearce said, “We think the Biscuit campaign is a refreshing and novel way to communicate the benefits of giving blood, whilst making it seem like a more everyday, easily accessible activity. We are proud of this work and confident of the impact it will have.”

Cummins&Partners ECD Ben Couzens said, “The best bit about giving blood is how you feel afterwards, knowing that your simple act has saved three lives. So we’re using the biscuit to tell Australians that giving blood feels good. There are many ways we could have done this – but highlighting the simple, humble biscuit makes the act of giving blood seem both heroic, yet simple and every day.”


Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Alyson Pearce, National Marketing & Community Relations Director
Ben Scales, National Campaigns Manager 
Kim Feliciak, (Acting) National Campaigns Manager 

Production Company, The Sweet Shop
Louis Sutherland, Director
Allison Lockwood, Producer

Neil Perry
Donna Hay
Matt Moran
Gabriel Gaté
Kylie Kwong
Adriano Zumbo
Cookie Monster
Jim Ingram, Executive Creative Director
Ben Couzens, Executive Creative Director
Doogie Chapman, Creative Director
Connor Beaver, Senior Art Director
Tom Ward, Managing Director
Adam Ferrier, Chief Strategy Officer
Georgina Pownall, Group Account Director
Ollie Ward, Senior Integration Director
Zac Martin, Digital Strategist
Shane Mitropolous, Integration Director
Jess Thompson, Head of Broadcast Production
Nigel Camilleri, Broadcast Producer
Media, OMD
Valerie Setyana, Account Director
PR, Fuse
Anjana Mani, Head of Fuse & Word Melbourne

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