BRITA encourages households to save money and reduce waste

4 February 2021

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The campaign draws on testimonials from two influencers.

BRITA has launched its latest ANZ marketing campaign, As Good As, reminding everyone that, with a BRITA filter jug, you can reduce household spending and plastic waste from bottled water, whilst enjoying pure tasting water at home.

The campaign draws on testimonials from two influencers, who each share the new home hustles they have tried to master in recent months.

The campaign features New Zealand-born fashion and style personality, Nikki Phillips, and Sydney-based travel photographer, Jason Van Miert, who each appear in a series of videos for the campaign.

The first creative features Nikki Phillips in her family home talking about the ways she saves money and reduces her plastic use – trends she intends to continue at home.

Nikki admits that in the spirit of reducing household spending, she’s ventured into amateur haircutting for her children, something many parents may have started doing in 2020.

The second creative presents Jason Van Miert scrolling through picturesque photography marred by plastic bottles in the ocean.

He shares that a BRITA jug filters out nasties from tap water so he avoids the need to buy bottled water.

Being homebound in 2020, Jason had ventured into more home cooking, but has a rather unsatisfied customer in his dog.

The campaign was inspired by the insight that 72% of 325 bottled water drinkers agree that BRITA tastes as good as the bottled stuff.

“We know 2020 was a challenging year where many of us tried our hand at new skills whether it be more cooking or haircutting," BRITA Australia managing director Peter Harley says.

"We also know many have discovered their own home hustles to help reduce household spending and our BRITA Jug does just that! By simply choosing a BRITA filter jug over bottled water, you can save money and reduce plastic waste.”

Water consumption insights have shown that Australians spend over $3.2 million on bottled water at home each day contributing approximately 666,000 tonnesof plastic waste to the nation’s annual total.

“We at BRITA are compelled to let everyone know that there is a better way, which is as good as," BRITA Australia marketing director Nadine Miller says.

"By choosing BRITA over plastic bottled water, we can make a simple and smart choice towards being more sustainable. Our new campaign is light-hearted but delivers the message that you can enjoy pure tasting water, simply by using a BRITA jug at home. It costs only a few cents per litre for filtered water, a fraction of the cost of bottled water, and importantly also reduces single-use plastic waste.”

The new BRITA creatives will air in Australia and New Zealand in February and March.

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