Australian National University inspires people to study new language via Campaign Edge

21 May 2020

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The campaign went live last week on catch up TV and social media.

Australian National University’s School of Culture, History and Language has launched a new campaign via Campaign Edge to inspire people to study a rarely taught language.

These include Burmese, Hindi, Mongolian, Sanskrit, Tetum, Thai, Tibetan, Tok Pisin and Vietnamese.

Research found the biggest driver to learning a rarely taught language was a family connection to the language.

“Language is not just about understanding words. It allows you to see a culture beyond the superficial," Campaign Edge executive creative director Dee Madigan says.

“For many people with a heritage connection to these languages, it allows them to get a deeper insight into where they are from."

With COVID limitations, this was an opportunity for clever copywriting and beautiful typography to tell the story.

The campaign went live last week on catch up TV and social media.

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