Australia Prospers promotes business and university collaboration

21 October 2019

Creative Agency: The Hallway

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Independent agency The Hallway created a 60-second film for the organisation targeting business and university leaders.

Formerly known as the Business and Higher Education Round Table (BHERT), Australia Prospers is a partnership between businesses and universities working to bring about this step change.

BHERT commissioned The Hallway on an extensive consultation project to understand the key triggers and barriers around the business and higher education collaboration process.

Central to the process were interviews with more than twenty key stakeholders, ranging from vice chancellors of major universities to innovation leaders at top 100 ASX companies.

“Australia prospers when business and universities innovate together," says Martin Stewart-Weeks, project director at The Australia Prospers Project.

"That much we have learned and, although it can sometimes be a challenging process, when research and commerce combine, investment and jobs flow, new industries are born, lives are changed and sometimes saved.

"In a rapidly changing and very different world, we need to get even better at combining the knowledge, expertise and capabilities of universities and business for sustainable growth and shared prosperity.”

Of critical importance was the articulation of the need for greater collaboration between business and universities.

The story needed to be expressed in a succinct way, without diminishing the complex realities, that would cut-through to C-suite, higher education and governmental decision makers.

Among the project outputs is a 60 second film targeting business and university leaders.

The film takes a raw experimental-film-like approach to demonstrating the poignancy of - and delivering - its key message: “The future is clear when we speak with one voice”.

“This film doesn’t just deliver its message to its audience, it is itself a demonstration of the message” The Hallway ECD and partner Simon Lee says.

"It’s an unconventional approach, but this piece of work needs to help drive change, and you don’t drive change by sticking to convention.”

Creative agency: The Hallway
Media agency: The Hallway
Production Company: Collider
Director: Clemens Halbricht
Producer: Olivia Hantken
Sound Production: Uncanny Valley

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