Adventure seekers invited to answer the call of Vanuatu

26 August 2019

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In a campaign created by Engine Group, the South Pacific nation gets a new destination brand positioning.

In a new destination brand positioning for the South Pacific nation, potential travellers are being asked to leave the everyday behind and answer the call of Vanuatu.

The work is the result of a year-long process with the Vanuatu Tourism Office that involved robust consultation and engagement with key stakeholders both in-country and in key markets.

The multi-channel launch advertising campaign is the first creative written out of the new brand strategy.

It marks a significant shift in direction since the last work over a decade ago – and reflects the many changes in the tourism space in that time.

Filmed over 18 days across multiple islands in the archipelago, the campaign focuses less on things to see and do and more on the emotional impact of life-changing moments.

“It’s a place where you can leave your comfort zone and still feel safe. This thinking helped us arrive at our core brand positioning of real, life-changing adventure," Engine managing director Tim Weger says.

“With tourism and tourism-related services sectors accounting for around 40% of GDP, we knew we had been entrusted with a hugely significant task.

"Every additional tourist we attract has a direct and positive impact on the people of Vanuatu. Creating positive change is why we do what we do and we’re confident this new positioning will pique the interest of those who have never had Vanuatu on their radar.”

The campaign showcases Vanuatu as a rough diamond – real and authentic, with adventure at every turn. It brings you back to earth, clears your mind of all the stuff that doesn’t matter and replaces it with amazing stories to tell. 

“We all have that little voice in our head urging us to live our best life," Engine creative director Mark Smith says. 

"It’s particularly strong when you’re there. You can’t sit still because Vanuatu has an undercurrent that wants to drag you away on another adventure. That’s what we mean by the call of Vanuatu.”


Agency: Engine Group

Managing Director – Tim Weger

Creative Directors – Mark Smith & Kory McAvoy

Senior Copywriter – Mark Smith

Senior Art Director – Ross Benn

Senior Graphic Designer – Megan Le-Nguyen

Account Director – Sarah Deery

Account Executive – Mila King


Client: Vanuatu Tourism Office

Chief Executive Officer - Adela Issachar Aru

Marketing Manager - Allan Kalfabun

Technical Advisor, Communications and Marketing Industry - Megan Thompson

Manager, Communication and Digital Assets - Nick Howlett


Production Company: Taxi Film Production

Post Production: Traffic Film and Video

Director/DOP – Tristan Houghton

Photographer – Israel Rivera & Bryan Crawford

Executive Producer - Andrew Wareham

Producer – Jill McMahon


Retouching: Dek Art & Design

Retoucher – Derek Leong


Sound Design: Rosco Audio

Senior Sound Designer – Ross Batten

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