AAMI brings in grandmas and drag queens

7 March 2017

Advertiser: AAMI
Creative Agency: Ogilvy (VIC)

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AAMI adds to its 'Not Very Insurancey' brand platform.

AAMI has released new content under its 'not very insurancey' brand which first launched in December 2015.

From Ogilvy Melbourne, this iteration sees a family opting to continue paying insurance to avoid having a gold legging-clad grandma move into the house, as well as two drag queens breaking down on their way to Broken Heel.

The ads push AAMI's latest smartphone app and the Motor Roadside Assist.

AAMI executive brand and marketing manager Michelle Martinis says that insurance delivered in a 'not very insruancey' way is the core of AAMI's communications and brand platform.

Ogilvy Melbourne's ECD David Ponce de Leon says: “This continues to prove why AAMI is not your average insurance company. This is classic AAMI storytelling, human truths and light-hearted humour.”

This comes off the back of AAMI announcing the launch of a new logbook app which hopes to change the way learner drivers record their driving.

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