Atomic 212

Atomic 212° is an agile creative media agency, a new flexible and dynamic agency model which we have designed to challenge traditional agency models. We bring media, technology and creative together in a fast paced, can deliver today world. We design and deliver advertising across all devices and where ever possible serve customised ads to specific audiences based on real-time analysis of constantly changing data. That data serves to inform creative, CRM and buying strategies tied to new sales models and brand experiences.   Atomic 212° operates from one P&L across all territories. As a privately owned, one P&L business, all departments and services within the company are focused on providing a holistic client service and long term partnership.  Planning, research, online and strategy teams sit in team pods in open plan single level offices to ensure communications for the client are synchronised and symbiotic.  Our core areas of expertise are split into media communications planning and buying, creative and content development and marketing technology, data and complex analytics.

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