Watchdog: Can Radox shower gel cure your emo kid?

By AdNews | 20 July 2016

Unliever brand Radox launched a campaign in the UK that says the fragrance of its shower gel has the power to change your mood. It’s apparently so good it can even convert your emo daughter into a singing, smiling citizen of society. Thankfully Watchdog is here to sniff out the pomegranate scented BS.

AdNews: I saw an ad that says Radox shower gel can help change moods…

Radox: Yes, the different scents can affect your mood. If you want to be energised, the energising scent will lift you up.

AdNews: I have an emo friend… Should I give it to them? She wears a lot of black and looks depressed.

Radox: If it’s a matter of concern I would get her to see a professional.

AdNews: So it can’t change an emo’s mood?

Radox: I think you’re asking a bit much of a body wash. I think she should seek medical advice.

Final Reckoning

Watchdog wishes someone had mentioned the mood-altering properties of Radox during her misspent teenage years as a pessimistic young goth-dog. It could have saved the hound a few dollars on black nail polish and studded collars. Or maybe not, because the idea a shower gel can change your state of mind doesn’t wash.

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