Inside MCN's 'advanced advertising' solution

Josh McDonnell
By Josh McDonnell | 29 November 2018

MCN's newest Advanced Advertising team is set to "shake-up" the delivery of digital and broadcast models in Australia, according to MCN director Nev Hasan.

Created as a result of the rebranding of the MCN business, following the news of its impending split as Ten's sales house, the Advanced Advertising unit is a return to innovation and technology in advertising for the business.

Speaking to AdNews, Hasan, who is tasked with leading the new team, said the business needed a dedicated team able to "future-proof" data-driven sales while also driving a new overall ad model.

"It's looking at what we do with data, how we utilise it more effectively more efficiently and essentially how we can commercialise data-driven ad solutions for clients," Hasan said.

"I'm very aware that they'll take a bit of time to get the right products, clients and set up. But overall what’s really exciting is it's an opportunity to change what we do because we found that we had begun to repeat the same thing in the market.

"We couldn't keep providing clients with the same offering and expect a different outcome, so what we are doing now is expanding our asset base and ensuring that we are creating new solutions that meet the changing tide of client demands."

Hasan said these "new solutions" encompass all existing platforms such as broadcast and digital, but also includes further product integration, as well as location-based services, backed by its growing out of home network.

MCN is placing further emphasis on the data collected from each of these touch points to create deeper audience insight, which Hasan said will lead to "bigger picture" campaigns with more targeting capabilities.

"We need to think about how all the different parts of the business can work together because there'll be some things that are perfect for some clients that may not translate onto the digital platforms. This is when we need to find a solution elsewhere in our network," Hasan said.

"If it's not a campaign or buying mechanic, it's how do we add a deeper level of insight or give a better understanding of who those consumers are and how they've actually changed in personal purchase behaviour. It's not about us finding the simple solution but instead creating a more comprehensive strategy."

Hasan said the business was now working on developing more products, such as its programmatic trading platform Smarthub, to continue to build its data capabilities under the Advanced Advertising team.

These innovations have included the launch of a new digital video and dynamic TV capability.

Since the launch of Smarthub in July this year, MCN has already transacted over 130 campaigns to date and over $4.6 million in revenue.

"It's really all about working toward the creation and implementation of effectively integrated digital models and broadcast advertising models," Hasan said.

"That could include developing a six-second creative ad format for a client on broadcast platforms if the traditional 30-second spot isn't working. We then develop a strategy to roll that same creative out through various other formats, ultimately using the data we collect to either lighten or increase the overall ad load."

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