COVID Commentary - Who's had the jab in advertising?

By Maha Obeid and Chris Pash | 23 August 2021
Credit: Lucia Macedo

AdNews has launched a series, COVID Commentary, designed to encourage vaccination against COVID-19 by telling the stories of industry figures and their reasons for seeking protection.

Some of those stories will apear on AdNews as separate articles. 

Many agencies are encouraging, with paid time off, those who can get vaccinated to get jabbed as soon as possible. 

Sue Squillace, CEO dentsu media ANZ:

“I was fully vaccinated by 10th June. It's not only protection for us and our children, but particularly for my parents who are a great support to me in minding the kids - this was a main driver. As was getting back to a normal life of course, being outdoors, travelling, socialising and being with our teams at work and the energy that this environment brings.”

Michael Rebelo, CEO, Publicis Groupe ANZ:

“I was highly motivated to get vaccinated as I truly believe this is our only way to be protected from the virus and live a life uninhibited."

Craig Flanders, CEO, Spinach:

“After more than 50 years on this earth, I have become somewhat attached to what I thought was a normal lifestyle – family life, social life, business life etc. I miss it. Seems like a no-brainer to do whatever I can to help those lives return, especially before the country goes completely broke. If that happened, life wouldn’t be the same ever again anyway, and my kids’ future would be impacted so badly.”

Mark Coad, CEO, Mediabrands Australia:

I get my second AZ jab next Tuesday (this week), my first was on June 1st. I do believe that vaccination is our ticket out of this mess."

Rowena Newman, Head of Marketing, Premium Content Alliance:
“In November last year I had a sudden cardiac arrest at home. After six days sedated in ICU, I learned that it had been caused by myocarditis from a common, garden-variety virus. The survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest is less than 10 per cent and I know how lucky I am to be alive. For me, the feeling of being fully vaccinated against Covid is immense gratitude and relief. I don’t want to put my family through that trauma again, and the vaccine gives me huge peace of mind.”

Pete Bosilkovski, CEO Clemenger BBDO Sydney:

"The day (premier) Gladys (Berejiklian) announced 40s could register for the jab, there was no hesitation. I signed up on day one. I don’t know whether it was fear or sheer determination, but I’ve seen what this thing does to someone I know really well, and in a flash it can turn your life upside down. I have had both Pfizer jabs. No hesitation. We all want things to get back to 2019 and at this stage, the jab is the only ticket to get back there."

Rose Herceg, CSO, WPP AUNZ:

“I’ll be double-jabbed by October and here’s why. We give our Aussie babies a total of 16 different vaccinations. Because they work. And they’re smart. Think of this COVID vax as one more. Except for big people.”

Laura Aldington, CEO, Host/Havas:

"It might not be my life that needs saving from COVID-19 in the end, but the data unequivocally shows that vaccinations save lives, and lots of them."

Maria Grivas, CEO, Reprise Australia:

“As soon as I turned 40 in June I booked in for my vaccine. It was an easy decision for me. I value community. I appreciate how my individual decision to be vaccinated contributes to the wellbeing of the community I am part of. It was a conscious and deliberate choice, and one that I felt totally at ease making based on the advice of the medical and scientific community.”

Andrew Double, Managing Director APAC, Quantcast:

"I recently got my first Pfizer vaccine and have my second jab due in a few weeks time.  I understand for many the decision is a difficult one, especially as Australia hasn’t seen the same kind of death rates as some other countries.  For me, the decision was pretty straight forward. By getting vaccinated I am far less likely to catch COVID-19 but more importantly, in turn I am much less likely to pass it on to someone else and put them at risk. If I do catch COVID-19 after being vaccinated my chances of being hospitalised are far slimmer which means I am less of a risk of adding to our already overworked healthcare workers."

Kim Portrate, CEO, ThinkTV:
“It’s true, I don’t like needles. In fact, I loathe needles like everyone else, but I needed to get over it. In a world where actions speak louder than words, I don’t think anything proves commitment to the health, happiness and wellbeing of family, friends and colleagues than getting vaccinated.”

Anathea Ruys, CEO, UM Australia

"I shed a few tears of relief and gratitude when I got the jabs. I am very much in the camp of 'the best jab to get is the jab you CAN get'."

Jasmin Bedir, CEO, Innocean Australia:

"I’ve been double vaxxed since mid June. With a medical history that could beat War & Peace in length, I’ve made sure to get vaccinated as fast as possible. My entire family in Europe has been vaccinated since early in the year, and the possible opportunity to be able to see them, is just an added benefit for me. I’ve encouraged my staff to get vaccinated as early as possible, if they require time off for the appointment as well as sick days to deal with side effects, the business will cover for this."

Daniel Isaac - Chief Operating Officer - dentsu media:

"Please don’t delay – it's delays that assign us to home detention for longer than we need. It's delays that will flood our hospitals with very, very sick people if this gets out of control. Please do your part and get vaccinated."
Sian Whitnall, Chief Digital Officer – OMD Australia: 
"It took more courage than I wish to admit to roll up my sleeve for AZ, because the nature of this digital pandemic has caused many of us to experience the side effect of information paralysis. This has made it hard to feel like you are making an informed, verified decision, amongst the overload of opinions and misinformation. But I’m so glad that I did, and with every day I cross off the calendar towards my next dose next week, I feel like we are getting one day closer to all getting back together again." 

Scott Oxford, Head Of Strategy and Creative/Partner, New Word Order:
“I now have both doses of the Pfizer vaccine in my system and I’m pretty darn happy about it. I can attest to experiencing nothing more than a mildly-sore arm for a day after each, which is almost a literal definition of a first world problem in my books - I missed the gym each time, boo hoo. If having my jabs takes a step toward not just my improved safety, but the safety of people I know and people I don’t, then I’ll take as many more doses as I need to make that happen.”

Taufiq Zainal, MediaCom Senior Digital Investment Executive:

"The health, social, and economic implications of the pandemic were strong factors in my desire to get vaccinated as soon as I could. Not only will the vaccine protect myself, it will help slow down the spread of disease in the community, and especially protect vulnerable people who cannot be vaccinated, such as very young children or people with underlying illness."

Lee Stephens, CEO Switch Digital:
“I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled about going to Homebush for my first jab. I am still deeply disturbed about the three hours it took to get out of the carpark after a Madonna concert back in the day. I set myself a game plan and booked the appointment for 9.30am on Sunday. I knew that gamers, insomniacs and families can never make such a gruelling appointment time. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather! Free parking! Not the $42.50 I paid for Madonna’s “express exit” that haunts me still.
The whole operation is managed with military style precision. I was out at 9.47am. For the second jab there were masses of people lined up for appointments at 15-minute intervals. I thought ‘Oh, God, Madonna will be back on tour before I get out of here’. Like lightning however we went. I was out in 20 minutes. It was easy, painless and it is funny trying to understand directions with everybody wearing masks. Get it done. It’s a great morning out.”

Oliver Rapson, CEO, iProspect:
“I grew up in Africa and South America where, as a child, I saw the impact of malaria, yellow fever, dengue, typhoid and, believe it or not, polio. I fully appreciate the value that vaccines bring to our lives, which is the gift of life itself.
I'm very lucky to live in country Victoria but can't be fussy so I went all out with the AZ. My heart goes out to all the superb nurses and volunteers that are doing their best to administer the vaccine and keep our communities safe.
In October I get my second jab – which is something to look forward to, and hopefully we can all get back to the good stuff like socialising and enjoying our everyday freedoms, which for me is having dinner with my father-in-law Joe – a very old Italian legend who I would like to keep around a little longer.”


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