Aussie startup runs sampling trial via Uber

Nicola Riches
By Nicola Riches | 14 March 2016

Melbourne-based Blobfish Media, which made an unsolicited approach to Uber last August, has successfully run a sampling trial with Mentos and the taxi firm. 

Blobfish is now believed to be in discussion with Uber about a permanent contract that could potentially see it roll out the initiative on a national basis. 

Blobfish Media cleared more than 500,000 samples from last August of Mentos Pure Fresh gum via Uber drivers who passed them on as gifts to their ‘riders’, as the company likes to call its passengers.

“Blobfish Media approached us right at the time we were reviewing new and unique ways to deliver our consumers a Mentos Pure Fresh gum sample in a situation where they’d be most receptive,” Perfetti Van Melle (Mentos' parent company) country manager, Samantha Hansen says.

“Working with Uber gave us the opportunity to test an efficient and engaging sampling method, and we look forward to building the relationship this year.”

Uber has so far declined to comment on the deal, but apparently opened up communication channels between the drivers and Blobfish to organise the logistics of getting the Mentos products to market.

Blobfish Media co-owner Nic Cann explained to AdNews that the idea came to him while travelling in an Uber cab in Melbourne, prompted by sales work he had previously undertaken for health clubs where handing out samples had become commonplace.

He believes Uber provides the perfect setting for the exchange of items. “When you’re commuting you’re more receptive to taking products,” he says. “Where else in this day and age can you sit with someone and dwell on something.”


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