Are you getting paid as much as you would in London and New York?

Rosie Baker
By Rosie Baker | 23 January 2015

New year, new job. January is often the time to contemplate a career move, but what are the opportunities for marketing and advertising professionals within Australia? What skills are in demand and where, and what do those opportunities pay?

The annual salary survey by recruiter Robert Walters benchmarks salaries globally and highlights the differences in the job market state-to-state within Australia.

The good news is that stronger market confidence in Australia means an increase in hiring of sales and communications professionals in the year ahead according to Robert Walters, with a high demand in data-driven marketing candidates.

Across the board salaries are expected to increase over 2015, but only a 1.9% on average this year – that's down on the 2.4% increase in 2014.

In the marketing and sales world, IT, data and digital skills, are obviously high in demand as large corporations increase investment in digital tech as a way to improve the customer experience, but there are nuances within each state. We outline some of them below, and take a look at the scene in London, New Zealand and New York.

There continues to be big differences in salary between states with Melbourne and Sydney offering a premium.

In 2014, recruitment was unstable in Adelaide with large organisations seeing recruitment freezes. Marketers with SEO and SEM skills are in high demand, alongside business development execs. Salaries are fairly stable on last year but the FMCG and technology sectors are expected to increase more than others. A marketing manager in Adelaide can expect to take home $100,000 to $130,000 annually – no change form last year, while a brand manager can look for between $90,000 and $110,000 – that's an increase on last year

Federal and state elections caused uncertainty in 2014, but 2015 is set to stabilise. There is a shortage of skills in digital marketing and social media in Brisbane market, and this is expected to grow in 2015. Particularly at a senior level where roles are in high demand and short supply, according to Robert Walters. The limited local supply, means employers often look overseas for candidates to make up the shortfall.

A marketing director in Brisbane can expect to take home between $140,000 and $170,000 annually – a drop on the annual salary last year which was closer to $190,000. A marketing manager is looking at up to $140,000.

In Melbourne recruiters are loath to hire people without direct experience, and struggle to see the value of “transferable skills”, according to the report, but the recruitment market for marketing professionals is improving after “a few tough years”. The demand for digital marketers and those with data know-how are in high demand. There is also high demand for marketers with strong product development experience. Salaries have been increasing at the top end of the market, but unchanged at the junior level.

A marketing or brand manager in Melbourne can expect to take home up to $150, 000. A marketing director is looking at up to $280,000. Advertising account mangers can see between $60,000 and $100,000 annually.

In Perth, the small market continued to struggle with finding strong marketing candidates, particularly those with people management and digital and promotional expertise.

A marketing manager in Perth is looking at between $100,000 and $140,000 annually.

Sydney is the largest employer of marketing professionals. Particularly in the banking space, a shift to more customer focused marketing meant an increase in demand for professionals with content, mobile, data and social marketing expertise.

Insights and analytics specialists were also in high demand in Sydney last year and in 2015, it's digital marketers and campaign managers that employers are after and a shortage of candidates is expected. Banks particularly are looking for marketers that can help find new ways to connect with consumers and increase retention. Aussies who have worked overseas will also be appealing prospects for employers looking to capitalise on international experience.

A head of marketing in Sydney can command a salary of between $180,000 and $300,000, an increase on 2014 where salaries topped out at $250,000. A marketing manager can expect up to $130,000 – a slight increase on 2014's salary. A digital marketer can command up to $150,000 in Sydney this year – way above the top salary of $135,000 in 2014.

But what about overseas? How are Aussies getting paid compared with peers in New Zealand, New York or London? Andrew Hanson, director of sales and marketing at Robert Walters Sydney, told AdNews that Sydney has always done well for salaries, and overseas employers are usually surprised at just how much it costs to hire here compared with elsewhere.

“Australia is not out of line with the globe. It's early too say how this year will pan out but it's been a busy start to the year. There's some real intent to hire. People are looking for quality and a perfect hire and there is a real flight towards upskilling the workforce and making strategic hires of specialists,” Hanson said.

New Zealand:
New Zealand had a buoyant year in 2014 for sales and marketing jobs and increased hiring is expected to continue this year. A rebrand of NZ's biggest telco Telecom New Zealand which became Spark, meant changes across the sector and competition between employers for the best talent. There was a shortage of candidates with insights and innovation skills and commercial marketers with strong business acumen. More customer experience specialists and digital and content marketers are expected to be in demand, and it found there was a shortage of marketers that can manage integration. A marketing director in Auckland can take home up to NZ$230,000 (AUS$215,000), while a marketing manager is looking at NZ$145,000 (AUS$136,000), and a brand manager up to $120,000 (AUS$112,000).

In Wellington, it's a little higher with a marketing manager commanding up to $155,000 (AUS$145,000)..

In London the job market was buoyant last year after a few tough years. New roles are being created and recruitment is aggressive in line with increased marketing budgets. Niche expertise for RFP writing is in demand, as are skills in customer retention and acquisition, and competition for performance driven marketers is high. A marketing or brand director salary can reach GPB140,000 (AUS$260,000). A brand or marketing manger can reach GBP75,000 (AUS$140,000).

New York:
Last year was an “active” year for marketing recruitment in New York as startups and tech firms shifted emphasis to growing revenue. There is strong demand for mobile and online developers and those with traditional marketing experience are in demand from start-ups as they aim to become recognisable brands.

In New York, a vice president of marketing is looking at around US$250,000, a marketing director around US$225,000 and a marketing manager can take home around US$150,000.




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