World of Tanks tells mature gamers to ‘stop getting owned by kids’

22 July 2019

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The new campaign created by MullenLowe Group UK has launched across digital media in Australia.

Online game developer and publisher Wargaming Group Ltd. has partnered with MullenLowe Group UK to launch a new campaign for its multiplayer online PC game World of Tanks, encouraging "veteran" gamers to "stop getting owned by kids".

The campaign is based on the audience truth; as you get older, your reactions slow and you get worse at games focussed on dexterity. Unfortunately, kids with faster reactions tend to have the upper hand.

“The campaign has a bold strategy and creatively harnesses a powerful yet previously untapped insight into the gaming industry; as you get older your reaction times slow, and you start losing to kids who are more nimble," Mark Elwood, executive creative director at MullenLowe says. 

Gaming is the biggest untapped creative opportunity in marketing, and few agencies have had the opportunity to create big bold brand campaigns with the new free-to-play behemoths, like Wargaming.”

The film follows a 30-something waking up in different videogame environments and being continuously defeated by kids with lightning fast reflexes; the videogame worlds typify common frustrations with the on-line gaming experience.

It’s a nightmare the hero can’t escape, that is until he discovers World of Tanks, a strategic multiplayer battle game where fast thinking beats fast fingers.

The campaign aims to demonstrate the strategic depth of World of Tanks, and invite a new cohort of PC gamers to discover it for themselves.

"In a sector focused on creating brain-off dopamine loops and designing games for younger and younger audiences, World of Tanks sits in a fairly unique position," Felix Morgan, global head of strategy at World of Tanks says.

"The multiplayer PC game is designed to be the perfect experience for strategic thinkers to get ahead of the competition using their brains, not just their dexterity or twitch reactions.

"That insight led MullenLowe Group UK to this daring creative platform, supported by a hard working performance strategy, that we will be implementing across the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia."

It will be going live across digital media in Australia on July 19, before launching on TV, VOD, cinema, and digital media in the UK and North America in September.

MullenLowe Group UK is the lead agency for creative and media.


Agency: MullenLowe Group UK
Executive Partner: Phil Rumbol
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Elwood
Creative Director: Gavin Cumine
Creatives: Angus Crombie, Drew Davies
Account Director: Ben Good
Account Manager: John Stowell
Account Executive: Giulietta Bateman
Strategist: Alpesh Patel
Producer: Nicholas Kurs
Assistant producer: Phoebe Robertson
Integrated Digital Producer: Jemma Hamid
Designer: Daniel Flint
Typographer: Cris Jones

Media Planning: MullenLowe Mediahub
Head of Strategy: Nnamdi David
Strategist: Rory Allinson
Media Performance Director: David Middleton
Media Planner/Buyer: Lizzy Wade

Client: Wargaming
Global Head of Strategy: Felix Morgan
Global Marketing Director: Mariia Chernova
Global Marketing Producer: Winston Linn
Global Head of Media: Nicolas Estrem

Production Company: Iconoclast
Director: Alaska
Director of Photography: Benoit Soler
Producer: Harriet Towler

Editing house: Assembly Rooms
Editor: Gaia Borretti

Post production company: Nash
Producer: Flavia Gannam
Shoot Attend: Flavia Gannam
2D Lead Artist: Flavia Gannam
Online Artists: Alice Vilela, Andre Neumann, Diogo Moura, Gustavo Samelo, Luiz
Fernando Tavares Alves
Graphic Designer: Clara Piochi Campoy, Gustavo Campoy
3D Lead: Fagmario Gomes Rodrigues
3D Artist: Fabio Fernandes
Post Production Coordinator: Andre Baltrusaitis
Post Production Assistant: Gabriel Bittencourt, Renata Prado

Sound design: Satellite Sound
Chief supervisors: Kito Siqueira and Roberto Coelho
Sound designers: Ricardo Bertran, Carla Córnea and Celso Moretti
Coordination: Ana Mirra and Mari Tardelli

Assistants: Ian Serra

Lead sound: Jungle Studios
Sound Engineer: Ben Leaves

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