Why MAYEIGHT is the date to catch up with a mate

27 April 2016

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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The Movember Foundation has launched MAYEIGHT (say it out loud) as a new mental health initiative for Aussie men.

The intiative, created by Cummins&Partners Sydney, takes place on May 8 (MAYEIGHT) and is designed to improve the social networks of Aussie men, by giving guys a push to catch up with friends.

Movember Foundation's Paul Villanti says it taps into insight that losing touch with friends can often leave millions of men at risk of depression or suicide.

“We know from research that men aren’t great at making or keeping friends and that connections tend to drop off once men hit their 30s," Villanti says. "There’s good evidence that, for men, maintaining social connections is an important protector against mental health problems."

Burger chain Grill'd has also gotten involved, offering 2-for-1 burgers on the day if you (a) have a mate with you, and (b) say "MAYEIGHT" to the person taking your order. 

Cummins& Partners CSO and consumer psychologist Adam Ferrier says: "The initiative was developed from the insight that social fabrics break down as men get older, and life gets busier. Women often make more of an effort to maintain their social connections, whereas men just kind of let them slide.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for men to catch up with a mate by suggesting a day to do it, giving them a burger, and having a bit of fun with 'MAYEIGHT'."

Support for the initiative will be pushed out using social, TV and PR.

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