WHOOP's first Australian campaign via Spark Foundry

12 May 2022

Creative Agency: Spark Foundry

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Securing partnerships with high-profile athletes and fitness personalities.

Wearable technology brand WHOOP has unveiled its first campaign in Australia via Spark Foundry securing partnerships with high-profile Australian athletes and fitness personalities.

Spark Foundry worked with WHOOP on a campaign designed to infiltrate and excite fitness and sporting communities; while driving awareness of the brand by demonstrating its products in action.

The campaign includes tactical integrations with leading fitness podcasts, working with ARN, Spotify, Acast and directly with podcast producers.

The aim is to engage Australian health and fitness influencers as they introduce and showcase the benefits of WHOOP products on their podcasts, YouTube and social media.

Brianna Davis, ANZ marketing lead at WHOOP, said: "Spark's detailed understanding of the local market has helped us build a campaign that will connect with Aussies who are focused on better understanding and improving their health and fitness.

By showcasing WHOOP in action, we are aiming to demonstrate the detail and personalisation of the data it provides, especially when compared to other fitness wearables in the market.”

Spark Foundry client partner, Manmeet Dhillon, said: "Through a targeted media approach, our aim is to infiltrate culture – inspiring and emotionally engaging Australian users; demonstrating the way WHOOP can deliver actionable insights to help people optimise their performance.”

The campaign TV and BVOD components, created in-house will run throughout May, while the partnerships will continue until July.

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