Want to win a Cannes Lion? ADMA Creative Fuel can help

2 July 2015

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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ADMA Creative Fuel has crafted a soundtrack designed to to be used as a backing for award entries. Feel free to start counting your chickens -and your trophies - now.

Created by Cummins&Partners and ADMA Creative Fuel, and with help from Song Zu, the soundtrack is guaranteed to emotionally manipulate even the most hardened award juror into handing out trophies.

ADMA CEO and Creative Fuel spokesperson Jodie Sangster said that the soundtrack will be a game changer.

"It's going to turn problems, solutions and results into gold, silver and bronze trophies," said Sangster. "The air freight bill back from Cannes next year is going to be astronomical."

It features sage advice from half the creatives in the business including Ant Keogh, Ben Coulson, Jim Ingram, Ben Couzens, Toby Talbot, Steve Back, Steve Coll, Pat Baron, Mike Spirovski, Georgia Arnott, and Richard Muntz, with all the behind-the-scenes action captured by Paul Middleditch.

"When something this important is occurring, you just stand back and let it happen. Preferably holding a camera," said Middleditch.

The Case Study Song of the Year can be purchased with lifetime rights and comes with a complimentary ticket to the second annual Creative Fuel event on 6 August.

“Like the song itself Creative Fuel is an event designed by creatives, for creatives," Sangster said, "And the time you’ll save searching for case study songs you can now use to go to this great event about better ideas. The producers at your agency will also thank you.”

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