vivo launches Visual Hangover campaign via We Are Different

27 October 2021

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Avoid a visual hangover on your smartphone.

Smartphone company vivo mobile has partnered with earned-first creative agency, We Are Different, to help customers avoid a visual hangover with the new X60 Pro smartphone device.

The pitch-winning campaign from Different looks to drive awareness and conversion for vivo by exploring the disparity between a great night out and the awful, blurry camera roll footage that’s often captured due to poor camera quality.

Launched this week across earned, owned and paid channels, the campaign will continue in the lead up to Black Friday on November 26.

It includes a partnership with award-winning director and social content pioneer, Hannah Lehmann, who worked with vivo to transform the worst footage from her camera roll into Start Again - a short film showing how blurry nights out can become cinematic masterpieces with some simple tips and the X60 Pro.

The campaign and content has already attracted national news coverage, influencer posts and social shares.

vivo Australia communications manager Laura Hayward says the campaign communicates “the vivo X60 Pro’s unique brand and product benefits to young Gen Z and Millennial consumers in a way that’s relevant, engaging and newsworthy”.

We Are Different founder and director Stuart Terry says the campaign taps into people going out as Covid restrictions ease.

“We’ve experienced months of lockdowns and are ready for a night out, not realising that a visual hangover could appear on our camera roll the next day," says Terry.

We know vivo’s camera technology is industry-leading – our creative hook and campaign content simply makes it more relevant and shareable to drive both awareness and conversion.

Hannah Lehmann’s short film can be found on the vivo X60 Pro landing page and her tips are available on the BTS video:


Client: vivo
Creative/PR/Content: We Are Different


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