Vegemite solves Australia's 'cross-contamination' problem with Vegeknife

15 October 2020

Creative Agency: Thinkerbell

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No more butter in the Vegemite jar.

A new survey released today by the Vegemite team at Bega Cheese Limited has found that 58% of Australians are experiencing cross-contamination when preparing their breakfast.

The survey revealed that butter is making its way into 58% of respondents’ Vegemite jars.

While Aussies may be divided when it comes to who is responsible for butter in the Vegemite jar, there is one thing that Australians can agree on – cross-contamination is a bit icky. 

“Aussies are opening up their jars of Vegemite to find that butter has somehow made its way in,” says Vegemite marketing manager Jacqui Roth.

“We can’t have that. So, we’re introducing a solve – the limited-edition ‘Vegeknife’. The limited-edition Vegeknife is a dual headed cutlery breakthrough, with one end for butter and one end for Vegemite – so now, there’s no reason to get butter in the Vegemite jar.

“We know that Australians take their Vegemite toast very seriously, and we hope that the Vegeknife will remove the need for difficult household conversations that are centred around finding out who’s responsible for the butter in the Vegemite jar. Cross-contamination between spreads in your household will be a thing of the past.”


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