Bell Direct’s new brand campaign from Matterhorn is ‘Simply Better’

12 October 2020

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The multi-media campaign launched in July.

Bell Direct, a provider of online retail broking and investment services, has launched a new brand campaign via Matterhorn Communications.

The multi-media campaign launched in July, and has most recently appeared on Sky News and online as part of Bell Directs ETF campaign.

"Matterhorn led us through a comprehensive strategic and creative development process that both challenged and inspired," says Bell Direct head of distribution and marketing Tim Sparks.

"The result is a new brand campaign that brings to life our three essential brand beliefs of Simplicity, Directness and 100% customer focus in a fun and engaging way. Since launch, the campaign has been received well with excellent results on the ETF promotion."

Matterhorn's Matt Kemsley says: "We're so excited to see the new Bell Direct Brand campaign out in the market. Financial services can be a challenging category. As a result, many rely on traditional marketing conventions, but from day one, we knew that Bell Direct wasn't interested in that, because as a challenger, they want to shake things up."

Matterhorn's Garry Horner says: "This campaign allows us to be agile, flexible and react quickly to events as and when they occur, which of course is precisely how the markets work. Bell Direct has the best tools, the best research and crucially the best people, so we knew Bell Direct would comfortably live up to their new brand positioning of 'Simply Better.'"

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