VCCP Sydney and Lash create Career Crush quiz for Torrens University Australia

10 August 2020

Creative Agency: VCCP

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The online quiz determines prospective students’ personal strengths, passions and aspirations to match them with the careers and courses they’re most compatible with.

Torrens University Australia has launched Career Crush, via VCCP Sydney and Lash, to help match students with a career they’ll love.

Career Crush​ is an online quiz that determines prospective students’ personal strengths, passions and aspirations to match them with the careers and courses they’re most compatible with.

One of the toughest decisions young people face is what to do after they graduate from school, and a recent study revealed that over 43% of students don’t know what that is.

With career adviser resources too stretched to provide the help they require, students are in dire need of tools that can help steer them towards careers that will genuinely suit their personality and life aspirations.

Jacky Winter’s Georgia Perry brought the quiz to vibrant life through her charming illustrations.

SomeOne designed the interface alongside digital agency Lash, who were responsible for digital development.

The online tool was produced during COVID-19 restrictions.

“One of the biggest impacts of COVID-19 is that due to the cancellation of national Career Expos, we’ve lost the ability to engage with prospective students in person," Torrens University head of brand, segment and international Rion Shelley says.

"This quiz provides an insightful and helpful tool for us to reach out to these students in a meaningful way. It’s not only an immensely shareable experience, it’s also uniquely grounded in science.”

The quiz was specifically designed to address key pain-points for school leavers, VCCP CX director Beth Duddy says.

“When working closely with students we found that a lot were having to juggle the stress of Year 12, with the anxiety of figuring out what they wanted to do for a career," Duddy says.

“Gen Z very much have a 'show me, don't tell me' mentality. This really informed the design of Career Crush. ​In order to serve them personalised career matches within minutes​, ​we developed an algorithm that identifies passions, strengths and skills to match students to a bespoke ​Career Crush​, aligned to Myers & Briggs’ 16 Personality Types.”

Career Crush ​not only delivers a personality profile, compatible careers and courses, but also throws in a Spotify playlist, personalised podcast and bespoke recipe - perfect food for thought when planning those next steps towards your dream career.

“Career Crush provides utility beyond what other university recommendation tools provide, and it does so in a modern and contemporary way that really connects with our audience," Shelley says.

"We’re delighted with what we’ve been able to achieve in partnership with VCCP by having brand, comms and CX all under one roof.”

Take the quiz here.


Torrens University Australia
Head of Brand, Segment & International: Rion Shelley
Senior Marketing Manager, Schools: Priscila Portela
Marketing Executive, Schools: Ayse Sutunc

Creative Agency – VCCP Sydney & SomeOne Sydney Managing Director: Suzie Roberts
Client Partner: Rosie Brennan
Creative Director: Paul Sharp
Associate Creative Directors: Kat Topp & Jess Roberts
CX Director: Beth Duddy
Creative Services Manager: Tabitha Brenchley

Design Agency – SomeOne
Sydney Creative Director: Tom Dabner
Senior Designer: Romelle Menezes
Illustrations – Georgia Perry
Artist Representation – Jacky Winter
Digital Development – Lash
Managing Director / Founder: James Chung
Head of Strategy / Partner: Sam Heiligers
Technical Director / Co-Founder: Shinsuke Nakayama
Interactive Designer: Ayumi Bruce

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