'Unhoused' addresses homelessness via Are Media

4 May 2022

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Helping to shape a better future for Australian women.

Are Media presents a television commercial showing the joy of a single mother and her children as they get the keys to their new home.

The TVC is the next phase of the ‘Unhoused’ campaign which calls for urgent government action to address women’s homelessness.

Sarah Mills and her three young children had been living on friends' couches and in hotel rooms for almost eight months as she looked for a home in Coffs Harbour after being evicted from a rental property without reason.

The commercial, was created by Are Media and will air on the Seven Network, it shows Sarah capturing the real reaction and emotion of her kids as they finally get the keys to their new home.

Are Media, along with a coalition of women’s sector groups including Homelessness Australia, Homelessness NSW, The Women’s Housing Company, The Equanimity Project, Lokahi Foundation and Full Stop Australia, launched the Unhoused election campaign in March calling on both the coalition and opposition for increased funding of $7.6 billion.

The funding will address the national crisis that sees 49,000 Australian women homeless each night and will provide 16,810 new permanent homes for women, as recommended by the Equity Economics ‘Nowhere to Go’ report, commissioned in July 2021.

An Are Media poll found 73 percent of Australian women say their vote at the upcoming Federal Election will be influenced by a political party which is committed to provide housing for women in unsafe situations.

Nicky Briger, editor of marie claire, said: “As the election enters its final weeks, we are continuing to apply pressure, on both sides of politics, to ensure the scourge of women’s homelessness comes to an end.”

Jenny Smith, chair of Homelessness Australia said: “All Australians deserve to be in stable accommodation, but the sad reality is that women are the biggest group in our society becoming homeless, which directly impacts their safety.

It's great to see that Are Media's Unhoused television campaign is really driving awareness around women's homelessness, sharing stories like Sarah’s to highlight the ongoing need for better housing for women, to bring down the numbers across the country.”

Unhoused is supported by Are Media’s media brands including The Australian Women’s Weekly, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, New Idea, Better Homes & Garden and Australian House & Garden, which will focus the attention of its nine million audience on the very real dangers women face when they fall into homelessness.



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