Uber takes the wheel for International Women's Day

9 March 2016

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Uber drivers from all over the world share their personal stories.

Uber US is celebrating International Women’s Day with the release of dozens of candid clips asking women drivers why they drive for Uber.

Uber’s senior program manager, Blaire Mattson, says that the ability to fit work around life rather than the other way around has driven another wave of women’s empowerment.

Uber last year announced a commitment to get one million drivers using the app by 2020 after research found 20 million Americans work fewer hours than they would like for “non-economic reasons,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The brand says women are signing up to drive with Uber in greater numbers, with 29% of new signups in the US being female.

There are over 60 videos on Uber's YouTube channel of women from all over the globe, including Seattle, Delhi, Singapore and Australia.

Lateesha from Australia says she drives because she loves the independence Uber gives her: "I'm my own boss, I get to choose my own hours, and it gives me flexibility to manage my university workload."

Kathy from Las Vegas says: “I drive for Uber because it allows me to make money on my time and because it has given me the opportunity to take a cruise I never thought I'd be able to take."

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